New HomeMaker service means extra cash for moving companies

Jan 21 | 2019

For the past twenty years HomeMaker, run by entrepreneur Katie Shapley, has been bringing order and calm to the often chaotic task of turning a newly moved-into house into a home.

The HomeMaker team

So far HomeMaker’s exclusive service has been something only the well-heeled could afford, paying a hefty hourly rate for a bespoke five-star service and dealing directly with the company. But recently HomeMaker, part of award-winning company The Organisers, began rolling out a new package for removal companies to sell on to their customers, allowing them to make extra profit from the move.

“What we’ve been doing during the past few months is rolling out HomeMaker as an affordable, packaged product for the removal industry,” said Katie. “We’ve been selling it to removal firms at a discounted price; they sell it on at our RRP and we deliver the service. The customer has a welcoming home to move into and the removal company makes a healthy profit without having to do the work.”

So, what’s the deal?  A typical package could include 8-hours of unpacking, which would cost £350 + VAT (RRP £400 + VAT) enabling a moving company to make a reasonable margin as an easy-sell add-on. The work is carried out by two trained, uniformed personnel, DBS checked and vetted, working for half a day.

Although HomeMaker has been working internationally for a number of years, the affordable package for removals companies will initially only be available in the UK. However, Katie is hoping to roll-out the service to other countries if there is sufficient take up from the trade.

Katie said, “We want partners all over the UK to use the HomeMaker service. They sell it, we do it, they make a little more on the move and the customer is happy.”

Photo: The HomeMaker Team