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Motorway traffic officer super-hero recues injured dog

May 31, 2019
When 29-year-old traffic officer Hannah Moffitt spotted a husky dog wandering along the hard shoulder on the M1 in Nottinghamshire she just had to do something to help.
Hannah and Thor

Hannah explained, “It was a normal shift and me and my colleague were travelling towards Trowell Services on the M1 when I saw a dog walking along the hard shoulder on the southbound carriageway.”

“Clearly there was a danger to the animal and the passing traffic, so I pulled the vehicle in front of him to try and prevent him walking any further. Another vehicle then pulled in behind the dog and our vehicle, effectively forming a shield.”

“Something then caught his eye and he wandered into lane one. Within a matter of moments, he was struck by a passing vehicle and flung into the hard shoulder. I heard an almighty yelp and I ran straight towards him, I wasn’t sure if he was alive.”

“He was whining in pain, so we wrapped him in a fleece and I grabbed a towel from my bag and put him on my lap until the animal rescue team arrived.”

“I was talking to him throughout and stroking him, trying to reassure him as he was confused by what had happened. He was clearly injured, and we weren’t sure if he’d survive. He tried to stand up but was clearly in pain and he looked at me and I just told him to lie down and cuddled him.”

Despite being unsure of the extent of his injuries, Hannah says a clear bond formed between the pair during those moments while help was on its way.

“He kept looking at me and somehow seemed calmer once I had cuddled him and tried to keep him warm,” she said. “I think he realised he was no longer in danger and saw me as the person keeping him safe. After the incident, I found out his name was Thor.”

This time the story ended happily and with the help of the animal rescue team Thor made a full recovery. Hannah said, “It turned out the owners didn’t want him anymore and I knew instantly that I wanted to adopt him.” Thor is now settled in and living happily with Hannah, her son Oscar and partner Rob.

No more motorway adventures Thor!

Photo: Hannah and Thor

Editor’s note:  Sometimes it’s nice to publish a happy story, even if it’s nothing to do with the industry.

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