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“Brexit exodus” - more and more Britons quitting the UK

Jun 27, 2019
Figures from John Mason International show that over half its customers leaving the UK in the past two years did so because of Brexit.

John Mason International says it helps over 10,000 people a year relocate overseas, and 53% of customers moving abroad since 2016’s referendum have reported they did so because of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

The most popular destination for British residents starting a post-Brexit life overseas include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Seven in ten of the migrants surveyed said Brexit had had a “negative impact” which contributed to them emigrating, with responders calling the result of the referendum:

  • An embarrassment;
  • Our relegation to a second-class nation;
  • A joke.

Just 3% of those surveyed felt that Brexit had had a “positive impact”.

Packers at John Mason InternationalJohn Mason International’s Director Simon Hood said, “We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of customers trusting John Mason International to help with overseas moves in the past couple of years, and we were interested to see if Brexit had anything to do with it.”

“We never anticipated we’d end up with figures like this, which suggest that more than half of the people we’ve helped start a new life in a new country since the EU referendum did so because of Brexit.”

“John Mason International has been helping people to leave the UK because of the climate for more than a century, but we’ve never seen so many people leave because of the political climate!”

Simon continued, “A recent survey by the Institute of Directors found that 29% of businesses are currently thinking of relocating overseas because of Brexit, so there’s every reason to suggest that this possible Brexit exodus is far from over”

121,000 British people chose to leave the UK in the year to September 2018, with 4.9m British citizens residing in other countries as of 2017.

Photo: John Mason International helps 10,000 people move abroad every year.

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