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Keep goods moving across borders urges RHA

Jul 31, 2019
The RHA (Road Haulage Association) in the UK has called on Michael Gove, the Member of Parliament responsible for preparing for a no-deal Brexit, to act urgently so that goods can continue to flow across borders.

In a letter to the cabinet minister in charge of Brexit arrangements, RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett set out the measures he says would ensure high volumes of freight could continue moving if customs controls are introduced on 31 October.

He urged Mr Gove to press government departments to:

  • Produce clear guidance on how the whole end-to-end journey will operate;
  • Open and authorise new and substantial customs facilities for transit;
  • Introduce a consolidated and simplified import safety & security declaration system;
  • Launch emergency and free online customs training for traders;
  • Make lorry holding facilities such as Operation Brock fit for purpose;
  • Abolish the 22% tariff on new trucks.

He said that the Association is frustrated with the previous government’s lack of progress in its Brexit preparations and believes that Whitehall officials have underestimated the complexities of international road haulage.

“We need to focus on the immediate action required for our industry to be prepared. The priority is very simple – to maximise the number of freight vehicles that can cross the border quickly to ensure the supply chain everyone is reliant upon can continue."

The RHA believes that quick progress on its six actions would minimise delays.

Click here to read the full report.

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