Will UK citizens be able to move to Europe after Brexit?

Aug 31 | 2019

For moving companies in the UK to continue operating their European services it’s essential that UK nationals have the right to live and work elsewhere in the European Union.

Until now all EU citizens have had the right to live and work anywhere within the EU. However, when the UK leaves the EU the situation will change for British citizens. Member States have prepared or adopted national contingency measures to ensure that UK nationals and their non-EU family members could remain legally resident in the immediate period after a no-deal withdrawal.

To provide further clarity on the situation, the European Commission, based on the information provided by the EU27 Member States, has made available an overview table and a Q&A on UK nationals’ residency rights in each of the EU27 Member States.  

The situation keeps evolving, so check regularly for the latest information and news at the listed national websites.