Rubbish fuel

Sep 28 | 2019

SEAT, the Spanish vehicle manufacturer, is participating in the Life Landfill Biofuel project, which was recently approved by the European Commission.

SEAT Biomethane Its goal is to obtain renewable gas from municipal landfills. The project will be developed with other partners for the next four years and has an overall budget of 4.6 million euros, of which the European Commission will fund 55%.

Andrew Shepherd, who is responsible for SEAT’s renewable gas projects, emphasised that, “Our ultimate aim is to guarantee zero environmental impact for CO2 emissions in the entire life cycle of vehicles.”

The European Union is going to limit to 10% the amount of municipal waste that can be dumped in landfills by 2035. For this reason, converting waste into vehicular biofuel is one solution to this environmental challenge. There are close to half a million landfill sites in Europe, so the development and research into the operating procedures to obtain biomethane from waste represents a business opportunity to convert waste into a source of energy, which at the same time would contribute to lowering environmental emissions.