Working with the lights

Nov 28 | 2019

A new project, sponsored by SEAT, the Spanish Traffic Authority (DGT), the Barcelona City Council and ETRA (Electronic Traffic) will alert drivers in advance of the status of traffic lights so drivers can adapt their speed accordingly.

In-car VMSThe system only works when drivers are traveling below the speed limit.  This project also enables information on motorway incidents to get sent directly to vehicles without the need for information panels.

Although the traffic light information seems to be of limited value, having real-time information available in a driver’s cab, rather than having to rely on intermittent Variable Message Signs (VMS) does seem to be a good idea.  That is, of course, as long as the information is accurate which, on much of the VMS system, it is not.

Jorge Ordás, Deputy Director of Mobility and Technology at the Spanish Traffic Authority said that the more information you have, the fewer situations of risk you run. “We are aiming for a significant reduction in the number of accidents, less vehicle traffic and therefore, a positive effect on the environment,” he said.

Of course the project is being trialled in cars, but may well become standard equipment in trucks in the future.  Take a look at the video to find out more.