New brand aims at high level London market

Dec 19 | 2019

Williams & Yates is a new moving brand that has opened in London to serve the fine art and high net worth market in London.

Williams and YatesThe new company, started by Matt Williams and Justin Yates who started JamVans in 2010, is looking up-market with its sights set firmly on the international, European, high net worth moves, fine art and interior design.

Rather than offer this under their existing JamVans brand, the business partners felt that they needed to separate and clarify their offering.  "With our new brand, we are able to take our existing high quality service and provide a more specialised, tailored brand to specific growth areas within our business, allowing JamVans to remain more focussed on the London small moving and man & van markets,” said Matt Williams. “Separating our services makes our brand offerings clear to the different target markets. Given that fine art and large high net worth moves come with unique tasks, it is appropriate we have the established skilled teams that understand the necessary approach to these."

The new venture has already begun a weekly run to Paris and with the introduction of new HGVs the firm will continue to expand its European road services to clients and corporate partners with more regular groupage runs.

Photo: Williams & Yates was started by Matt Williams and Justin Yates of JamVans.