Matthew James’ new hybrid truck hits the road

Jan 10 | 2020

Matthew James Global Relocations’ new Scania Hybrid truck has taken to the road following the completion of body work by SBR Specialist Coachbuilders of Preston, Lancashire.

Matthew James Global Relocations pic 2

The vehicle's 27-foot body has been designed for maximum accessibility and features four container-style doors on the near side, in addition to conventional double doors at the rear.  The vehicle also features a two-bed crew pod above the cab for overnight accommodation. 

The truck will operate principally within the Greater London area and provide quiet, clean, fuel-efficient operation in some of the UK’s most congested streets.  With vulnerable road users in mind, the new Scania has been designed to give the driver maximum visibility and has been given a Three Star rating under Transport for London's Direct Vision Scheme.

Matthew James Global RelocationsMatthew James Global Relocations Matt De-Machen said, “We are a long-standing client of Scania and their premium trucks, and I am completely confident they will have devoted sufficient time and money to ensure their hybrid product is reliable, robust and efficient in operation. In addition to low noise and low emissions, the hybrid is a particularly economical option for use in London, where our vehicles are often stationary for significant periods of time, due to the sheer volume of traffic."

The truck's 320 hp/1,600 Nm torque, nine-litre internal combustion engine is complemented by an electric machine which delivers 177 hp and 1,050 Nm of torque. Using electrical power alone, the truck has a range of ten kilometres - based on a 15-tonne load on flat roads - making it ideal for ultra-quiet operation in city centres.

Photos: Matthew James’ new Scania Hybrid truck.