KAPOK 88 helps ASD charity keep children safe

Jan 12 | 2020

UK-based elevator protection company KAPOK 88 has recently donated padded interior wall protection to a charity supporting children and young adults suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

Principal Terri Westmoreland & Richard AnnableHope House School and Vacation Centre is a small independent school in Balderton, Nottinghamshire, run by principal Terri Westmoreland and her dedicated team. The school provides places to over 25 pupils, some of whom live on the premises.

The school’s Health & Safety Manager, Jason Wood, contacted KAPOK 88 for a quote back in September last year as they were installing a swing within their sensory room and were looking for suitable wall padding to protect the pupils while they enjoyed the equipment.

KAPOK 88’s Managing Director Richard Annable said, “I was asked to quote, but on visiting the school and seeing the value and care this charity provides families, and as a parent of young children myself, I wanted to support them as best as possible. So, we designed, manufactured and installed our padded interior wall protection as a donation to the charity.”

Principal Terri Westmoreland commented, “As a charity we are very grateful to anyone who donates money or goods to help our school.  But the making of the padding for our Sensory Room goes one step beyond.  It has enabled us to purchase a swing for the children to use indoors, ensuring that they receive the therapy that they need.  The children who use Hope House would probably not understand the generosity of this gift, but the staff, the volunteers and the Trustees are extremely grateful.”

About one in every hundred people have ASD and usually present symptoms before the age of three. There is no cure, but organisations like Hope School are able to help by providing occupational therapy and educational support for those affected.

Photo: Principal Terri Westmoreland and Richard Annable