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Bliss Corporation: statement regarding the movement of goods in Italy

Mar 16, 2020
Francesco Argirò, President & CEO of Bliss Corporation in Italy, has recently provided the following statement regarding the movement of goods in Italy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Italian government, by Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, Mr Giuseppe Conte, dated March 9th 2020, has extended the measures originally applied for some areas to the whole Italian peninsula, to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus.

These rules, valid until 3 April 2020, entail restrictions on citizens on Italian territory, including limitation of the movement of people between cities and regions, closure of schools and universities, limitation of timetables for commercial activities.

To date, however, no restrictions or limitations have been disposed to the movement and transportation of goods, nor blocks on customs activities, closures of all production activities have been applied.

Bliss Corporation is fully operational and will keep providing services as usual all over the country.

Moreover, Bliss Corporation:

  • Has implemented all the directives prepared by the Italian Government, the Ministry of Health and the relevant Bodies, and has put in place precautionary measures aimed at safeguarding staff, customers, suppliers and all partners;
  • Has adopted in its offices, for the benefit of staff and processes, agile working methods;
  • Gave indications to all its crews, drivers and suppliers to adopt the precautions set out regarding the protection of hygienic-sanitary conditions and prevention of the spread of the virus.

We will still be able to pack/deliver shipments in any part of the country and give you all the support needed as per our best quality standard.

The same will be for you in case you will send any truck to Italy. The truck will be allowed to enter if all the documents proves that you are transporting goods, that you have to provide service and you are taking all the measures to prevent the contagious.

A self declaration has to be fulfilled and presented to the Authorities in case of control to demonstrate that the truck is in transit in Italy for working reasons.

Please find below the latest newsletter from AITI, the Italian Association of Movers, to whom we belong and to whom we are a board member and former president of the international section:  

TRANSBOUNDARY: The limitations introduced do not prohibit travel for proven work reasons. Unless they are subject to quarantine or have tested positive for the virus, cross-border workers will then be able to enter and leave the territories concerned to reach their jobs and return home. Interested parties will be able to prove the business reason for the move by any means, including a declaration that can be made to the police in case of any checks.

GOODS: Goods can enter and leave the affected territories. The transport of goods is considered as a working need: the personnel who lead the means of transport can therefore enter and leave the territories concerned and move within them, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of the goods.  

For your information, we have personally delivered a shipment today in Switzerland via Milan with no problems, since there were no restrictions in virtue of the above statement.

In case the situation will change in the next few days, we will keep you posted about the developments.

We are fully aware of the delicate moment we are all living, but we are 100% confident and convinced that everything will be resolved in the shortest possible time.


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