New BAR book traces the history of Britain’s removals industry

Jul 12 | 2020

The British Association of Removers (BAR) has published a new ‘coffee table’ book depicting the development of Britain’s removals industry during the Association’s 100-year history.

Pantechnicon The book, entitled Pantechnicon, is packed with fascinating pictures of vehicles from days gone by along with contributions from BAR members. The publication is available to everyone - not just BAR members - with proceeds going to support the Removers Benevolent Association (RBA).

David Trenchard, Past President and Honorary Life Member of BAR wrote the following review.

Most of us were brought up to appreciate the early settlers populating the Wild West of the USA with films of wagon trains, brave pioneering individuals finding the way to move into virgin territory and now the same sort of bravery today as we start to investigate Space and the bottom of our Oceans using modern technology.

We are inclined to forget that it was not until our grandfathers/great grandfathers returned from the appalling conditions of the First World War that any form of mechanised transport was available to our populace.  Earlier, their forefathers had transported customers goods by various forms of horse-drawn transport, using the introduction of trains to move goods over long distances and then used the steam engines to supplement their horses to move goods by road.  These people were pioneers in their own right, communications were difficult, telegrams the norm, yet today we can just pick up a phone and speak face to face with anyone around the world dependant on only Time Zones.

Pantechnicon is well researched and with superb photographs that have survived time, tell the true story of how our removals industry has developed to provide cost effective solutions to our customers needing to move their possessions. The professionalism and skill throughout this time of probably 150 years has been well described and we are reminded of the many individuals and their various businesses that have served the public, worked with their colleagues over the period to deliver the modern industry of today.

Removals has always been hard work for the people doing the work, the pioneering did not stop with the advent of the motor vehicle,  modernising deep sea transport methods, standardising packaging, improving storage, opening up motor transport routes through the various countries in Europe have all been done by the pioneers in our industry and we are reminded of many of these people through the pages of this book. We can only thank Paul Fox and the British Association of Removers for collating the information and photographs from the many willing contributors and congratulate them all for producing such an interesting story of developments through history to today for us to appreciate and enjoy.

David Trenchard

Pantechnicon is available for purchase at £20 including p&p within the UK and payment can be made by credit/debit card or BACS transfer. To place an order please contact

Photo: Pantechnicon