New DeliveryApp: threat or opportunity for movers? ​

Oct 07 | 2021

DeliveryApp, the Manchester-based tech start-up, has been on a supercharged growth strategy over the last eight months following significant investment in January 2021.

The DeliveryApp teamThe technology-based logistics platform connects independent couriers with end users for fast deliveries through its apps (available on Google and Apple stores) and website.

The platform is unlike other operators within the logistics industry due to its unique, agile structure. It has no slow and expensive hubs across different cities generating service costs. Instead, it’s a network of over 700 independent couriers across the country who will collect and deliver a parcel personally.

The app, which is in BETA phase 3.1 and went live across app stores in May, has been experiencing rapid growth as its reputation and network starts to build organically. “Our customers are on the whole driven by two things – price and trust,” explained DeliveryApp co-founder Ioannis Verdelis. “They want to get the best possible price for their delivery, and they want to be confident it’s going to make the journey unscathed. Our transparent pricing through the platform means they can very quickly calculate the cost of their delivery, and thanks to our technology-based infrastructure, we cost around a third less than the competition.”

By the end of August, DeliveryApp had signed up over 500 businesses including ReachPLC, Transport for London and Pets at Home. “The last eight months really articulate DeliveryApp’s clear vision and the size of the opportunity the platform represents,” said Lance Jones, Founder and CEO. “In January we unlocked our potential, we generated a multi-million-pound investment to turbo charge development and take the concept to market.”

The business now has a 15-strong team of specialists in user experience, development, sales and driver operations. To accommodate the new team, DeliveryApp has taken an office at Department Bonded Warehouse in Manchester’s Enterprise City.

Justin Blackhurst, Co-founder said: “The logistics industry has on the whole been sluggish and a little reluctant to adopt new technologies. DeliveryApp brings these new intuitive consumer technologies and capitalises on the demand at people’s fingertips. Whether you’re an individual selling something on Facebook Marketplace and want to provide a price for getting a bed or sofa from one side of the city to the other, or you’re a business using 50 couriers a week, DeliveryApp provides a slicker, cost effective solution.”

DeliveryApp 3.1 is available via Google Play and Apple Store as well as by visiting the DeliveryApp website.

Although this is not directly related to the moving sector, it shows yet another example of how the industry is undergoing disruption that will affect movers, even if indirectly.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing of course as it is possible for movers to use the services of logistics operators for delivering small consignments more economically than they could do themselves.

Photo: The DeliveryApp team.