AS24: single source for fuel, tolls, VAT and fleet management

Jul 06 | 2015

AS24 bills itself as being the No.1 network for HGVs across Europe. With 750 service stations throughout the continent, it’s probably true.

AS24 is a subsidiary of the Total Group.  It provides 24/7 fuel and Adblue from its unmanned stations in 27 countries, a fair price (significantly lower than high-street stations), and a host of extras designed to help fleets run more efficiently

Service stations are designed just for trucks. They are open all day every day, have wide lanes, high-flow, dual fill pumps and fast payment systems so drivers spend much less time filling up.  Although none of them have shops of cafes they are usually located close to retail centres allowing drivers to take on supplies if they need to.

Payments are made with an AS24 card which provides both the driver and the fleet manager with a whole range of additional services that help to keep control of expenses.  These include:  recording mileage and fuel usage, the ability to set payment limits, the payment of tolls and simple passage through toll plazas, automatic VAT recovery in any EU country, and the payment of fines thereby avoiding any risk of the vehicle being impounded.

Cards can be personalised for the driver or a specific vehicle.  It’s also possible to have dual cards: one allocated to the truck and one to the driver for use when multiple drivers operate the same vehicle. If a card is lost it can be instantly suspended.  If it is found again, it can just as easily be reinstated.

Fleet managers can check prices online, have instant access to data at any time, itemised receipts for every transaction and a detailed monthly invoice.  They can also set alerts to warn them if fuel spending is approaching previously set limits, if the vehicle is operating in an unauthorised location or if it is filling up in a high cost area. There is even to opportunity to download digital tachograph information while visiting the service area.  AS24 also offers breakdown assistance through the company’s service partners, legal assistance and card holders can get immediate cash advances if required.  Services and the location of all 750 service stations can be accessed online or via the AS24 App.

Cédric Vigneau is the Managing Director of AS24 for the UK and Ireland. “AS24 is much more than just a network of service stations,” he said.  “We believe that we offer fleet operators a unique management tool that helps them control expenses, reduce costs and manage their fleets more effectively.”

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Photos: Alll AS24 service stations are unmanned; an AS24 service station layout.

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