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Improve toilet facilities for truckers, says The Mover

Apr 14, 2016
The Mover is backing a campaign to improve and increase the number of toilets for HGV drivers and crews in the UK.

Specialist pressure group, Trucker’s Toilets UK, was founded by Gillian Kemp in 2013 with the aim of improving the welfare of truck drivers, both male and female, by bringing the problem of finding a loo while on the road to the attention of those in power. 

We all know there is a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, according to the Freight Transport Association the number is around 45,000, but whatever the figure is the transport industry certainly needs more of them. Driver CPC, ever stricter regulation and the somewhat unglamorous image of the stereotypical trucker are no doubt some of the reasons why people are not coming forward, but the lack of proper toilet facilities and rest stops is clearly another. 

Over the years traditional transport cafés have almost disappeared and while services on Britain’s motorways offer adequate short-term parking and reasonably good amenities, such as toilets and showers, facilities on other routes are in short supply and in some cases non-existent.  Even when they are available standards vary greatly and some are nothing short of disgusting. To make matters worse, some delivery drivers are being refused permission to use toilets at their destinations by their own customers, forcing them to hold on for long periods. Apparently, many deliberately reduce their fluid intake, risking dehydration and other health issues and compromising safety. 

Truck drivers are being forced to resort to desperate measures as evidenced by the plastic bottles of yellow liquid often seen decaying in hedgerows alongside lay-bys and presumably filled on the move. Yuk! The Road Haulage Association has just launched its initiative, She’s RHA, to attract more women to the industry as they only represent 2.2 percent of the total workforce and very few aspire to become HGV drivers – small wonder. 

The situation is clearly not acceptable and something must be done.   

The Mover is keen to support TTUK and we’d like to hear your comments about toilet facilities on the road and any problems you have had. We will pass these on to Gillian to assist her campaign. 

In an email to The Mover Gillian said, “How do removals staff cope? Do they experience refusals as some HGV drivers do? Do they use truckstops? Do they have to adhere to similar 'rest' break regulations? I'm keen to learn more because whilst our campaign is focussed on 'truckers' I'm wanting all mobile workers eventually to be able to have access to safe access to toilets [including suitable parking] as part of their working conditions.” 

Send your comments to  

You can keep track of the latest developments at Truckers Toilets UK by visiting:  

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