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60% of removal companies are considering using video chat, finds survey

Sep 14, 2017
By Damien Seaman, Head of Brand at Buzzmove

Clearly, interest is growing in using video surveys in the UK. But it’s hard to find any conclusive figures about the trends. At Buzzmove, we decided to try and plug this gap. So we sent out a survey to thousands of removal companies to gauge what the market really thinks about video chat.

We got over 140 responses from companies both large and small. We’ve now put the results together in our first Gobuzzsurvey Video Survey Barometer, as a handy guide for the industry to keep up with market sentiment.

Less than 1 in 10 have trialled video surveys

From the responses to our survey, several key trends emerged. The majority of respondents - 92% - said they’d never trialled a video survey provider.

Despite that, 60% of respondents said they were either “somewhat” or “very” interested in trialling video survey technology over the next 6 months. At the same time, just over a third -34% - said they were “not at all interested” in trialling one. This suggests that, while some in the industry have already made up their minds that video surveying is not for them, interest is clearly growing amongst those who haven’t used it before. It will be interesting to revisit this survey in the next few months to see if this trend continues.

Why are more companies so keen to try it?

What are the reasons why so many removal companies are interested in trialling video surveys? The top answers from our survey respondents were, firstly, to reduce the cost of face-to-face surveys (20.5%), followed by customer choice and convenience (15.4%). The next two highest responses were tied at 11.5%: the ability to offer surveys 24/7, and to enable in-house surveyors to work more efficiently.

These answers do appear to show that the potential demand for video chat is real. With almost two-thirds of removal companies willing to give video surveys a try, it’s clear that more and more are seeing the potential benefits.

For a free copy of the complete Gobuzzsurvey Video Survey Barometer, please email Damien at For more about Gobuzzsurvey, visit

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