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Driver CPC – Making sure it’s relevant

Jan 17, 2019
As we all remember, Driver CPC was introduced back in 2009 requiring HGV drivers to complete 35-hours of training by 9 September 2014.

Agnus RussellHuman nature being what it is, many left it to the last-minute causing something of a mad rush as the deadline approached and putting pressure on the training companies. Now, five years later the second deadline (9 September 2019) is fast approaching and although some will have phased their training during the intervening period, it is likely the rush of 2014 will be repeated.

In those early days there was much discussion about the content of Driver CPC courses and tales of drivers turning up and simply going through the motions with no real interest in what was being taught. As a result, making the course content relevant to the industry the driver works in is now seen as a key element in engaging their attention and making the training both enjoyable and worthwhile.

There are hundreds of Driver CPC providers throughout the UK but very few that cater for the niche sector of the removals industry.  The British Association of Removers (BAR) has taken steps to put that right and now offers Driver CPC training specifically tailored to the industry at some of its Approved Training Centres across the UK.

Angus Russell, Director of Britannia Lanes of Somerset, which runs one of the centres said, “The BAR approved trainers have industry knowledge and have all been on the same development programme that teaches them how to engage with trainees and teach them things that have real world applications – they don’t just get an attendance certificate.”

The JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) approved BAR Driver CPC periodic training courses are removals specific and deal with issues that drivers face every day. There are currently six different courses on offer covering subjects including; Preparation, Loading and Delivering Moves, Customer Service and Company Image, Manual Handling and Furniture Handling, Tachographs and Vehicle Checks, Health & Safety in the Workplace and Emergency First Aid at Work.

Everything is industry relevant, such as learning the skills needed to make sure drivers comply with the Working Time Directive - bearing in mind that unlike general HGV drivers, those working in the removals business also need to pack and load, know how to project the right image and deliver good customer service.

Angus continued, “The one thing these courses have in common is they all give driver CPC training in the form of removals training, so you get two specific key areas covered.  They are also excellent refreshers for long-term members of staff. Yes, you can get generic training that has very little to do with our industry, but if you want removals training too for just a little bit more per person, you can get it.” 

In addition to the driver CPC, BAR centres offer courses on Fragile and Non-Fragile Packing, Specialist Packing, Piano Moving, Vehicle Loading and Export Packing.

As in 2014, demand for Driver CPC is likely to be high as the September 2019 deadline approaches, so now is the time to start making plans.


For more information contact:

Angus Russell at Britannia Lanes of Somerset on 01278 447099 e-mail

29 January, 2019 – Manual Handling and Furniture Handling DCPC

30 January, 2019 – Health & Safety in the Workplace DCPC

31 January, 2019 – Customer Service and Company Image DCPC

12 February, 2019 – Drivers Hours, Tachographs and Vehicle Checks DCPC

13 February, 2019 – Preparation, Loading and Delivering of Moves day 1 of 2 DCPC

14 February, 2019 – Preparation, Loading and Delivering of Moves day 2 of 2 DCPC

Other BAR Approved Training Centres are located at:

Watford, Hornsea, Manchester, Sheffield, Tuxford, Leamington Spa, Thetford, Cwmbran, North London, East London.


Picture:  Angus Russell delivering a Driver CPC course at Britannia Lanes.


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