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Going all digital – at last

Feb 07, 2019

I am delighted to feature an interview with Drew Coolidge this month (see page 28).  Drew is the new president for SIRVA in Europe and SIRVA is probably the biggest moving and relocation company in the world.  I met Drew in a coffee shop near his home in Surrey. I’d never met him before and didn’t know what to expect.  In fact, he was very open and straightforward and gave me an interview that I hope you will find interesting and enlightening.  We have a few other big interviews coming up in the next few issues: Jesse van Sas from FIDI and Bill Graebel for example.  If you would like to advertise alongside these articles, please get in touch.

But for us at The Mover, perhaps the biggest story is on page 25 where I explain why we will be moving away from print in favour of an all-digital publication in May this year.  I know some of you will groan at not having a paper copy to finger through, and I really do understand, but since we started in 2011, the world has moved on.  Readers have come to expect instant links to related stories and video has become a must for story telling and advertising.  Add to that the need to provide information on the move, 24-hours a day, on phone, tablet and desktop, and really our printed version was holding us back. Nor is print really environmentally acceptable any more with us having to chop down three trees every month and release 2500 plastic bags to roam free.

So, despite annoying many of our home-grown readers in the UK, I hope that you will warm to our new style and embrace the technology for what it adds to the communication not what it takes away. Of course, most of our overseas readers have never known the printed magazine and I am sure they will appreciate the new state-of-the-art platform.  We will continue to amend and improve it with every technological twist that the geeks can give us to ensure that your magazine remains at the cutting edge of modern publishing.

One other thing, we are also constantly updating our website to include more video and more Breaking News stories so, if anything happens you should know about, we can bring it to you straight away.

As I write this I am planning my trip to ARA and IMA in Thailand: if you are going, I look forward to seeing you there.

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