Disrupting the industry?

Jul 04 | 2019

I have two stories in this issue that focus on market disruption: take a look at Shift on page 8 and Sirelo on page 18.  They are doing different things but, in their own way, have the potential to disrupt the market.  I heard about both these organisations on the grapevine and, as I am sometimes a little nosy, toddled off to see them both in London and The Netherlands respectively. You should read the stories and form your own opinion about what they are doing.  As always, I will be very interested to hear your opinions; please keep them fit for publication and please don’t shoot the messenger.

Sirelo, owned by TriGlobal, has generated much anger with movers worldwide.  One problem is that many companies are already involved and don’t know. You might well be one. During my research I spoke to companies that were already listed on the Sirelo site but had never heard of it. And companies are angry about what they see as Sirelo using their hard-earned brand awareness to gather enquiries that TriGlobal then sells back to the industry.  I feel their pain.

Shift, by comparison, I suspect most people will think do not represent a threat to the established moving industry.  They might be right. But when you read the stories, I ask you to do so with an open mind.  Do not assume that the world will stay as it is today.  It won’t.  Everything moves on and the moving industry has often been found wanting when it comes to innovation: I refer you to self storage, relocation and lead generation, all of which bit the industry on the bum while its head was firmly buried. Disrupters start small, usually at the least profitable end of the market then, before you know it - wham! They have swiped your business and left you wondering what hit you.   

On a happier note, I refer you to page 20 and The Peniuk Challenge.  Many of you will know Walt Peniuk and be familiar with the ambitious challenges he sets for himself.  Now you can embark on a Penuik Challenge of your own to raise money for charity, have a bit of fun and prove to yourself that you really are capable of much more than you ever thought possible. Give it a try.

Next month we’ll have a personal interview with Ray daSilva and, in September, Jim Thompson will be centre stage.  Don’t miss either of them.