Time for a change

Jan 08 | 2020

The start of a new decade.  Whoosh!  Where did the last one go?  I guess the next one won’t go any slower so I have made it my new decade’s resolution to enjoy every second. 

Although the passing of a decade is insignificant in itself, it is a time for reflection.  One of the subjects that has been occupying the time of many moving companies’ management teams has been diversification. It seems to me that this is likely to come on a pace as the traditional moving markets evolve.

Of course, moving companies have diversified for many years, but it does seem to me that there is now a new level of urgency.  Unless they operate in a very niche market, as I know some do, a company dedicated purely to moving household goods, even worldwide, looks like struggling in the future.  Self storage is a big opportunity for those with the cash, though there are come caveats to watch out for.

But whether it’s self storage, commercial moving, fine art, cleaning services, relocation, records management or whatever, there can be little doubt that diversification will be essential for many and we will be making the whole concept something of a focus throughout the year.  If you have any thoughts on the subject, please get in touch.

The world has moved on a long way in the last ten years.  We were dusting ourselves off from the global financial crisis (some would say we still are), Windows 7 was the operating system of choice, social media was still fun, movers were still in denial about price comparison and lead generation sites, some companies still worked directly with corporate accounts, and the UK was still a member of the EU.

In 2010 we would never have guessed where we would be today and 2030 is even more difficult for us to predict now. Will we all live in a green utopia as the environmentalists would like? How will our daily lives have changed as we shun the mighty diesel and jet engine and start delivering goods by drone and sailing to conferences in high-powered catamarans?  I don’t know.  Neither does anyone else. But I do feel that having a few extra irons in the fire is a good idea as the world becomes less predictable as every day passes.

Editor, Steve Jordan