How will consolidation affect the global moving business?

Feb 07 | 2020

A recent podcast issued by IAM Learning looks closely at the increasing consolidation in the moving industry and considers how it will continue and what affect it is likely to have over time.

Charles White, Ray daSilva, Mark Oakeshott, Brian Limperopulos

Industry experts Charles White, President, International Association of Movers (IAM); Brian Limperopulos, Vice President, IAM; Ray daSilva, President, Mobility Exchange; and Mark Oakeshott, Independent Moving and Relocation Consultant, all join in the discussion which gets to the heart of the subject and provides an insight into what the future may hold.

The podcast looks at the opportunities and threats of consolidation and explores the drivers that have led to it, such as the ageing ownership of family businesses, a shrinking marketplace, and the rise of technology that is often beyond the reach of smaller organisations.  The discussion touches on the role of the large RMCs, the niche market for smaller companies, the specific threats for medium-sized companies, the new US Department of Defense contract that is scheduled for this coming  April, the rise of technology and what that means for the industry, the rise in lump sum moves and the changing nature of assignees.   

This new podcast is essential listening for anyone involved in the international moving and relocation industry.  Listen here.

Photo: Charles White, Ray daSilva, Mark Oakeshott, Brian Limperopulos

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