Training success for Grace

Jun 23 | 2020

Grace in Australia recently commissioned a new business training system, SAP Litmos, to enhance its training offering to its staff. The project has been a great success.


The company operates throughout Australia and New Zealand and it has been a primary requirement for the company to ensure the high quality and consistency of its service across all its outlets. In addition to finding a system that would act as the conduit for their own product-specific internal training programmes, Grace found that it was facing increasing requests for generic skills training, such as time management and MS Office.

This inspired Grace to form Grace: Learn, the brand chosen to deliver all the training needs for the company, both in house and the more generic services through SAP Litmos. It gave the appearance of an in-house developed solution that would allow the company to track its training investments, while significantly reducing the administrative burden of maintaining records.

SAP Litmos provides the organisation with a centralised repository for all courses with much of the training available through self-enrolment. New material created can now be shared easily, leading to a culture change within Grace’s organisation.

Nikki French, General Manager Operations, said that SAP Litmos Training delivers precisely what you need to establish an enticing and worthwhile employee training plan. “Since introducing SAP Litmos 18 months ago, we have completed more than 4,000 courses. In turn, this has led to increased employee engagement and a reduction in our staff turnover. In our major centres, we have seen zero staff turnover in a six-month period."

With Grace being legally responsible for compliance training in all its locations, SAP Litmos LMS has given Grace visibility to manage each chain, and to give contractor owners and franchisees cost-effective training solutions for their workers.

Previously, Grace had been using an Induction Book to onboard new workers, which was implemented less frequently over time. As a result, the organisation felt that its onboarding message in terms of brand, culture, environment and safety was becoming localised and inconsistent. Now, each new employee gets the same onboarding experience regardless of their position. With the introduction of SAP Litmos, Grace is now confident from a compliance and culture perspective that its organisational values are being met.

The company quotes a recent study that claims 94% of employees reported that they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. Training is now perceived as a more compelling factor to join an organisation even than salary, making it more important than ever to invest in employee development. People know that continuous learning not only helps them perform better day-to-day, but it also allows them to design a more satisfying long-term career path.

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