IAM's Hall of Honor: Great talent deserves recognition

Sep 07 | 2020

Steve Lewis, Chairman of the IAM Hall of Honor Selection Committee, gives his thoughts as he announces this year’s inductees.

                                               IAM Hall of Honor 2020 inductees

As much as we would all like to believe that we are modest professionals in our respective industries, a compliment, a nod of approval or even an enthusiastic handshake helps to boost our morale and confidence in so many ways.

Suddenly there’s a little swagger in our step, our posture gets better (chest out, head held high), we’re walking around smiling more … all because of the little acknowledgement we received from others - that stamp of approval that certifies the good work we’ve accomplished and just like that, we are geared to do better.  The more I study culture, the more I realise that everyone enjoys a pat on the back.

Which brings me to this: recognition and acknowledgement is important. It pushes people to advance further, it motivates them to break the mould and bring about new innovations and it gives others drive to do the same. This was especially evident in this year’s (2020) IAM Hall of Honor ...


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