Making a difference - how EUROMOVERS helped its members during the crisis

Sep 07 | 2020

Steve Jordan talks to Thomas Juchum of EUROMOVERS International about how his group has helped its members during the crisis.

Thomas Juchum - Euromovers

Thomas Juchum is the general manager at EUROMOVERS International, based in Cologne, Germany.  The organisation is a network of over 70 moving companies operating across all five continents.  EUROMOVERS exists to provide a trusted group that helps its members do business together, maintains quality and provides benchmarking, helps members achieve recognised standards in the industry and provides a forum in which to meet, build relationships and learn from each other.

During the recent COVID-19 crisis all networks have had to reassess their role in maintaining value for their membership, particularly as much of that value has been delivered through their annual conferences that have, largely, been impossible during 2020.  I was interested to find out from Thomas how he had been able to keep his membership services alive during this difficult time …

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