Never give up: Steve Lewis on fun times with JP Meiring at work and play

Oct 06 | 2020

It was a classic beginning: a couple of guys who had been around the block a bit but for whatever reason were attending their first conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Both standing in the hotel lobby with one of those awkward interactions.

Steve Lewis and JP Meiring“Hello, Steve Lewis, Santa Fe Relocations, Malaysia.” … “Hi, JP Meiring, Stewart Harvey Woodbridge, London.”  Quickly it was established that JP was not born in London and that I was not born in Malaysia but work, and the opportunity of adventure, had taken us to these places.  Name cards were exchanged with the promises of getting together for a ‘cheeky’ beer at some stage through the conference.

So 10 hours later, in some dimly-lit bar in downtown Puerto Vallarta, to the surprise of my Santa Fe colleagues as I was the new boy, I had a tap on the shoulder: it was JP.  He had forgotten his wallet, was out with agents and could I lend him £50, as it was his turn to buy the drinks.  I went straight to my wallet and passed him the money with my colleagues asking whether I thought I would get it back.  Well in return for £50  (which was returned the next day) I have had a 17-year friendship which has included trips around the world, with and away from work, and memories that make me laugh all the time about some of the situations we have ended up in ...

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