Two years in Colombia for Relocation Services Global Colombia

Oct 06 | 2020

It has been two years since Juerg Degenmann opened Relocation Services Global Colombia. Since then the world has changed and so has the company.

Relocation Services Global Colombia

For the last 20 years, Mudanzas Internationales Global in Venezuela, now managed by Zenaida Romero, has enjoyed a leading position in the country’s international moving industry.  But, owing to the political situation in the country, Juerg and Zenaida decided to branch out and open a new company in neighbouring Colombia that was much more prosperous and offered many more opportunities for growth.

“It’s a neighbouring country but they are like night and day,” said Juerg.  “Colombia was booming, we already did a lot of business between the two countries, and we had plenty of opportunities to grow our business, which is impossible just now in Caracas.” ...

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