Bringing storage home

Dec 08 | 2020

An interview with Jim Petzel of GetStored, as the company sets out its stall in competition with self storage.

Jim Petzel, GetStored GetStored is a company based in Denver, Colorado, that is really shaking up the household goods storage industry with the intention of retrieving, in part at least, personal storage business from the huge $75 billion self storage industry.

The company was launched in 2019 by Jim Petzel (previously with Graebel and UniGroup) and Tim Irwin (Kent and UniGroup) after partnering with Bill Graebel and Deb Reinsch (Asian Tigers Mobility – Thailand) to make the new venture a reality.  The company partners with Chess in Australia and with Atlas in the USA and Canada.  It launched its new website in the USA in August and in Australia in September ...

Photo: Jim Petzel

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