BS and ISO standards: are they worth the trouble?

Jan 09 | 2021

Mention BS and ISO standards to a roomful of removers and you’ll get a very mixed reaction. People tend to fall into one of two camps; those that wholeheartedly embrace the idea of formal standards, and those that wouldn’t touch them with a Corona-sanitised bargepole.

BS and ISO Standards - are they worth the trouble?This was graphically demonstrated back in 2011 when the British Association of Removers tried to make BS EN 12522 – the domestic moving standard – part of its membership criteria. While some members - mainly those who already had BS EN certification - were in favour, the majority were not, and the motion was rejected. However, many have since acquired certification. 

In the UK it is estimated around 450 removals companies have some kind of ISO or BS EN accreditation; that represents only about 10% of the industry if we include everyone from small man-and-van operators, to large multi-site organisations. 

So, what are the benefits of BS and ISO Standards and are they worth the trouble?  The Mover asked former removals man David Woodhouse, now general manager of certification body Quality Service Standards Ltd (QSS), for his thoughts ...

Photo: David Woodhouse, QSS Ltd

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