Getting the right insurance for your removals business

Jan 09 | 2021

The name Neil Matthews is synonymous with insurance and the removals industry. Having spent over 26 years in the insurance business he is now relationship manager for removals clients at Pound Gates. Here Neil describes some of the common errors removal companies make when arranging their insurance cover.

Neil MatthewsWhen I visit a client, I always carry out a risk review. If it’s a potential client, we’ll start by benchmarking against the current cover. It’s often the case that they’ll have cover for X, but it would be more prudent to have Y. Companies will often focus on the cover they’ve always had, considering their office to be their biggest risk. But in reality, the cost of replacing some furniture is nothing compared to what would happen if someone tragically died on site and the company was faced with a corporate manslaughter case. £1m of cover through a Directors’ and Officers’ policy will serve them better than £15,000 of cover for their office contents. That’s not to say it’s not important, but companies must look at the wider risks facing their business ...

Photo: Neil Matthews

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