The New FEDEMAC: An interview with Bertil Durieux, President of FEDEMAC

Jan 09 | 2021

Steve Jordan interviews Bertil Durieux, President of FEDEMAC, to look at the way the organisation has reinvented itself for the modern era.

FEDEMAC BoardIt was the Treaty of Rome in 1957 that set up the European Economic Community (EEC), the predecessor of today’s EU (European Union).  Just two years later, Europe’s moving industry, recognising that its interests would sometimes be different from and potentially in conflict with those of the wider transport industry, set up its own organisation to represent its views.  The organisation was CODEMAC (Comité des Déménagements du Marché Commun (Committee of the Removers of the Common Market) the forerunner of FEDEMAC (La Fédération des Déménagements du Marché Commun).  Though it has evolved, and its goals have changed, FEDEMAC still represents the European moving industry today, over 60 years later ...

Photo (left to right):  The FEDEMAC Board: Aivars Usans, Beatriz Belinchon, Bertil Durieux, Giulio Argiro, Stefan Dimitrov. 

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