Being SMART in Singapore

Feb 04 | 2021

Steve Jordan talked to Terence Wee and Kenneth Cheong from SMART Relocators in Singapore as 2020 drew to a close.

Smart Relocators

Terence and Kenneth from SMART Relocators in Singapore have been familiar faces on the conference circuit for some years. They, along with their fellow director, Takamasa, run a young, dynamic organisation in a very competitive market and I was interested to find out more about their origins and ambitions.

Terence started the company in 2011 as a subcontractor to Crown Relocation.  He provided packing and moving services and it was a great environment in which to learn the craft but, as with all people of ambition, Terence wanted to expand into making more of his own decisions and handling his own clients ...

Photo: The team at Smart Relocators.

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