Rediscovering the industry: an interview with Janet Turner

Feb 04 | 2021

Janet Turner has recently joined DN Van Lines in the USA. Here she shares her thoughts on the industry in which she has spent over 40 years of her working life.

Janet Turner

“When I turned 60, I took stock of where I was, professionally and decided it was time for a change process to begin”,  said Janet. As a successful entrepreneur, Janet founded WISEnterprises in New Jersey in 1992 and made a name for herself serving corporate clients and industry partners around the world.  In 2014, she merged that company with Accelerated Forwarders of Ft Wayne, Indiana, offering her loyal customers a continuity in the high-level personal service for which she has always been known.   

Her business formula was undoubtedly succesul  but the world around her was changing at a rapid pace bringing forth new challenges. The most obvious was how vital relationships in business had begun to move ‘online’. As one who understood that leveraging technology into her business and keeping pace with the changing demands of the moving consumer are unavoidable prerequisites to survival, Janet immediately recognised what was unfolding ...

Photo: Janet Turner

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