Talent Mobility Professionals in 2020

Feb 04 | 2021

Kristin White from Sterling Lexicon explores the many challenges that COVID has created and how mobility professionals can use innovative ways to enhance existing skills or create virtual arrangements.

Kristin White

What a year 2020 was. From the massive emergency tracking and evacuation or resettling of global personnel in the first quarter, to juggling the many ongoing impacts and risks to frontline, remote and critical onsite personnel – every company has had to make major workforce changes. No matter what industry they are in, talent mobility professionals have been busier than they’ve ever been.

At first, that may seem surprising to those outside of the industry. With so many travel restrictions still in place domestically and globally, many moves had to be put on hold. But the reality is that work must go on, and companies need to plan for the future. Changing times have demanded learning new or enhancing existing skills, working more closely with other functions within the business, and finding new and innovative ways to get people to work and work to people ...

Photo: Kristin White.

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