A theory of everything: by Cliff Williamson of Transpack Argentina

Mar 02 | 2021

My COVID fever dreams.

Cliff Williamson

As a person who has always chosen the written word as his communication method of choice, I cringe at seeing how hard it is to get people to read. Cell phones have nearly replaced reading. I find that I too am guilty of doomscrolling through kilometres of headlines, rarely clicking to read the full article.  And of the articles I do read, I rarely reach the bitter end. It is scary to consider that there are people out there who read less than one book per year.  The ideal length of an article today is something akin to a blurb in People Magazine that can be read while sitting on the commode. Or take it one step further: the meme - no words necessary.

People say they don’t have time to read, but they have just as much time today as they have always had. As mom and dad used to say, “It’s a question of priorities.”  We swim in a sea (some would call it a sewer) of information today, and some of us never learn how to select what is most important.   As happens so often in life, if we don’t take control ourselves, someone else will control it for us ...

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