On the road again with Walt’s Challenge

Mar 02 | 2021

Walt Peniuk from Premier in Toronto, Canada, is about to set off once again in his latest personal challenge: this time on the first leg of his quest to ride around the world on a bicycle. Yes, that’s right, to ride around the entire globe on a bike.

Walt Peniuk

He will start from San Diego in California to peddle the 3100 miles to St Augustine in Florida.  When?  Well, that depends.  So far the COVID crisis has made him postpone his departure twice.  But as soon as he can, he will. Many might ask, why?

Many will be familiar with Walt’s previous, much publicised challenges.  In 2018 he rode and ran from his home in Toronto to the IAM conference in Washington, DC. The follow year he left the bike at home as ran to the conference in Chicago – a two-week, 850 kilometre, punishing road run that tested his resolve and his body to the limits.  But he’s not doing it for himself and not for applause.  He’s running and riding to help other people.

Photo: Walk Peniuk.

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