Remembering Paul

Apr 06 | 2021

Paul Evans has died. Steve Jordan remembers his old boss and friend as the whole industry comes to terms with losing one of its most inspirational characters.

Paul Evans So how do I go about writing an obituary for someone like Paul Evans?  Well, there’s the first mistake: there is nobody like Paul Evans. 

In the last 30 years I have been privileged to write tributes to many of our industry heros.  I usually start in the same way, by asking other people for their comments and memories. But how can I do that for Paul?  Everyone knew Paul.  Everyone felt that they had a small part of him. And, probably, they did. I could have dedicated an entire issue to him, and still have stories over. It would have been an impossible task.

So, I thought I would tackle this obituary differently.  I’ll tell my Paul story ...

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