Relocation expansion in Denmark

May 05 | 2021

Steve Jordan talks to Heidi Rasmussen, Managing Director of Alfa Quality Moving in Denmark, about her company’s recent acquisition of Settwell Relocation.

Heidi Rasmussen. Alfa DenmarkOn 18 March, 2021, Alfa Quality Moving Denmark bought Settwell Relocation, an established DSP that has had a leading position in the country since the 1990s.  According to Heidi Rasmussen, Managing Director of Alfa Denmark, the acquisition will help the company to strengthen its market share and meet the needs of its customers.

Alfa, a company that started life in the moving sector, expanded into relocation in 2005.  The diversification was successful but, as Heidi explained, Alfa wanted to expand its DSP services and, although it was doing well in the capital city, Denmark is much more than just Copenhagen. “Our goal has been to build up a stronger market position in Jutland and the acquisition of Settwell is part of our growth strategy to meet the future needs of our clients,” she explained.

Settwell Relocations has an excellent reputation for high-level, personal service.  Heidi said that whenever they visited a prospective customer that was using Settwell, they were always very happy with the service.  Many operators of global contracts would also stipulate the use of Settwell in Denmark. Despite the trend towards increased digitalisation in the industry, she believes there is a return of clients who want a higher degree of personal contact. “We want to be as flexible as possible in how we deliver that service,” she said ...  

Photo:  Heidi Rasmussen.

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