Workers want to move more than before the pandemic

Jun 04 | 2021

Steve Jordan interviews Casey Phelps of Graebel following the company’s release of an extraordinary survey report showing that COVID has made people want to move with work more than in the past, not less.

Casey PhelpsOn 19 April 2021, Graebel released the result of a survey* that had been conducted at the end of February. It concluded, remarkably, that 59% of employees are now more willing to move overseas than they were before the pandemic.  In fact, 80% of workers would relocate during the pandemic, including 31% who would relocate internationally. I was astounded, so I contacted Casey Phelps, Senior Vice President of Client Services EMEA at Graebel Companies, Inc, a global mobility expert, to try to put some meat on the bones.

It seemed to me to be extraordinary that, despite all the fears about travel, the uncertainties about health services and the potential risks of contracting this potentially awful disease, people would want to relocate more than they did before.  I asked Casey if she knew why ...

Photo: Casey Phelps

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