A tribute to JP Meiring

Jul 06 | 2021

Steve Jordan offers a tribute to JP Meiring, including an interview with his wife, Tasha, and thoughts from some of his closest friends.

Jéan Paul (JP) Meiring died on 29 April, 2021, aged 47.  He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family.  I knew JP of course, but I didn’t know him well.  So, I spoke to a few people who did.  Most significantly, his wife Tasha. The result was one of the most inspiring and emotional interviews I have ever done. Please read this.

JP was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2017. Untreated, the disease would have taken his life in six months. But JP wasn’t one for giving up easily.  Actually, he wasn’t one for giving up at all.  He took every treatment available to make sure that he shared and enjoyed every second he could with his family and friends. Some might say he finally lost his battle with cancer, but JP didn’t lose. He lived his life with love, joy and laughter until the end. He was an inspiration to all those around him, especially his children.  He triumphed! ...

A tribute to JP Meiring

Photos (left to right): 
Top row: JP with his wife and family, December 2020; JP with the rewards of his early sporting prowess; JP competing in the Maizepower Marathon in 1992.
Bottom row: JP with Mark Pitcher; JP with Steve Lewis.

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