IAM is back in October

Aug 06 | 2021

IAM (International Association of Movers) is planning a full-scale annual meeting and expo for 2021 from 13-16 October in Orlando, Florida.

Chuck White, IAMChuck White, IAM President, said that current trends in vaccine availability and vaccine rates indicate that, by the time of the meeting, travel and public gatherings will be sufficiently safe to allow the meeting to go ahead as planned.

He said that everyone must make their own personal decision about the safety of attending such a meeting so IAM has decided to conduct the meeting as a hybrid so people can attend in person or online as they wish.

IAM has developed a safety pledge called IAM Safe. It provides detailed information about the requirements to which attendees must adhere. IAM also has a Risk-Free cancellation policy for ‘in person’ attendees.  This means that IAM will not charge a cancellation fee if you later decide not to attend because of concerns about travel or health ...

Photo: Chuck White.

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