Moving to Europe, post Brexit, made easy

Aug 06 | 2021

Before 2021, it was simple to move goods from the UK into Europe, and back again. Come 1 Jan, however, everything changed.

Ben Schmidt and Hans Methorst  Despite knowing that change was coming, nobody really knew what those changes would be and how they would affect movements across La Manche. 

But, according to Ben Schmidt, from Schmidt Global Relocations in the Netherlands, companies should not hesitate before accepting moves across the Channel in either direction.  His company is there to help.

Ben explained that this European business was given a boost as rumours of what would come along with Brexit mounted as the final separation date got closer.  “Nobody knew exactly when it was happening,” said Ben,” so many agents thought it safer to ship via Rotterdam.”

But he explained that for his company, Brexit didn’t bring many changes ...

Photo: Ben Schmidt (left) and Hans Methorst.

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