getting the enquiries

Oct 05 | 2021

Steve Jordan talks to Ben Tyrrell of lead generator about getting moving enquiries, and converting them.

The Movehub is a lead generation company. It’s been in business for around eight years and provides leads to some 300 moving companies.  Its parent company, MVF, is a private equity-backed lead generator across several different B2b and B2C verticals.  The company employs 550 people in London and Austin, Texas.  

Ben Tyrrell is the head of  Some may remember him from his work with Allied Pickfords and Relocasia - The Moving Company in Asia (based in Hong Kong).  He explained a little more about his company and provided his thoughts on lead generation and its role in the modern moving industry.

Ben TyrrellBen explained that, although lead generation had been widely adopted in the moving industry, other vertical markets had seen faster growth.  That’s partly to do with the rate at which it’s possible to scale operations in an asset-heavy industry. “If you have 10 trucks you can only do 10 moves,” he said.  

It’s also fair to say that the concept of lead generation has been received coolly in the industry ...

Photos: Top - the MoveHub team; Bottom - Ben Tyrrell.

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