New Standard helps guard against commercial vehicles being used as weapons

Nov 26 | 2021

Attacks on the public involving commercial vehicles have had tragic consequences in recent years, including the Westminster and London Bridge attacks of 2017.

The British Standards Institute, sponsored by the Department for Transport, has therefore developed a new Standard – PAS 29000:2021, which came into effect on 31 May, 2021 - and associated guidance document designed to reduce the risk of commercial vehicles, including lorries, buses and coaches, from being used as weapons in acts of terrorism and other forms of serious and organised crime or anti-social behaviour.

Industry stakeholders have contributed to the creation of the Standard. Among them are the Confederation of Passenger Transport, the Road Haulage Association, the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme and the Traffic Commissioners.

The document sets out best practice for the implementation of measures that are aimed to thwart such an incident. This includes:

  • Establishing a need for countermeasures against malicious use of vehicles;
  • Initiating an approach to the security of an operator’s vehicles;
  • Developing a security management plan;
  • Assessing an operator’s existing security risks and risk mitigation measures;
  • Determining and developing additional mitigation measures;
  • Responding to security breaches;
  • Reviewing the security management plan;
  • Steps to mitigate risk outlined in the standard.

A voluntary accreditation scheme for operators that comply with the Standard is also due to be launched.  You can find further information here.

Information courtesy of Backhouse Jones Solicitors.