Atlas Van Lines releases 2021 migration patterns study

Apr 05 | 2022

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 resulted in a year of change in migration patterns as millions of Americans made relocation decisions with COVID-19 in mind. unique influence on moving trends continued in 2021 as the year reinforced similar tendencies and established new norms, including everything from remote-work flexibility to unprecedented housing market conditions and more. Data shows even fewer international moves were made in 2021, as companies continued to relocate employees abroad at a lower rate given continued uncertainty and travel restrictions. As long as COVID-19 remains a factor, its influence and the new normal is sure to be reflected in migration trends in the future.

According to the 2021 Atlas  Van Lines Migration Patterns Study, 20 US states were found to be balanced in nature, meaning the inbound and outbound moves were relatively equal. The data also showed that 12 states were classified as outbound, meaning more people moved out of the state rather than in, and 18 states were classified as inbound, meaning more people moved into the state rather than out. The data also reflected an increase in moves from 2020 to 2021. The company has conducted the annual study since 1993 tracking the nation’s interstate (between states), cross-border (US to Canada only), and international (between countries) moves managed by Atlas ... 

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