New Zealand opening for business

Apr 05 | 2022

Conroy Removals explains how New Zealand is finally opening up again to its own nationals abroad and, from April, to overseas visitors.

In February the New Zealand government announced a new plan to open the borders to travellers across the world in a five-stage process for 2022.

New Zealand opening for business

This resulted in, most notably, the end of the requirement for fully vaccinated passengers to isolate in MIQ (Managed Isolation Quarantine) from late February.  Instead, incoming fully vaccinated passengers are now required to self-isolate at home or at a suitable venue.

Expect a surge in demand
We see the announcement as welcome news for the many thousands of stranded Kiwis and expect return travel and household shipments to ramp up over the coming months.

It will take a while for airlines to rebuild their frequencies to New Zealand, and some may still be hesitant to commit due the ever-changing nature of Covid and its variants.

The number of airlines flying into New Zealand reached its lowest level since the 1960s with only Air New Zealand, Emirates, Singapore Air and Qatar providing regular passenger flights. Other airlines operated one a week for mostly cargo.

A note of caution: Covid isn’t over and there is always the chance the New Government dials back the timeline – as they have done before. But for the time being this is plan and we’d urge you to share the details with clients if they haven’t already read up on them.

Conroy Removals explains the 5 stages in detail ...

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