The Rotterdam reunion

Apr 05 | 2022

Steve Jordan reports on the industry’s first post-COVID international get together, organised by ReloAdvisor in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam Reunion Firstly, allow me to congratulate Marco Maruccia and all his team at ReloAdvisor in The Nether lands for staging the first international conference for movers in quite a while.  The event took place in Rotterdam on 11-13 February having been postponed from December last year because of COVID restrictions.  It was an enjoyable and well run meeting, despite the hangover of restrictions that I know had caused the organisers more than a handful of headaches. 

The idea had come about from a desire to get friends and colleagues together again after such a long time squinting at each other in Zoom calls.  The need for some real interaction was becoming overwhelming. In the end, around 65 people made the journey to Rotterdam from all over Europe and the Middle East.

A gentle cocktail party on the first night gave everyone the to opportunity to remember how to meet people again.  It didn’t take long.

Business sessions were kept to a minimum, just giving the key sponsors an opportunity to promote themselves.  Marco himself explained that ReloAdvisor provides leads to the moving industry with quality verification. He said over 40% of enquiries were rejected by his team to make sure movers get only valid enquires. Around 65% were for European moves and 35% for the rest of the world. As 85% of consumers choose the first company that calls, he advised companies to call back quickly and book a survey as soon as possible ...

Photo: Delegates at the ReloAdvisor event in Rotterdam.

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