Living greener at Fully Charged LIVE

Jun 07 | 2022

David Jordan reports from the Fully Charged LIVE event in Farnborough, UK, that is dedicated to greener living.

Fully Charged LIVE Love it or loath it, the move to creating a greener world by electrifying the way we travel and power our homes is gathering pace and judging by the queues at the Fully Charged LIVE event in Farnborough at the end of April, there are plenty of people keen to join the party.

The organisers claim 23,222 people visited the event over the three days, a significant rise in attendance, just seven months after the 2021 event.

With the floor plan doubled in size, more than 200 clean energy and electric vehicle exhibits, and 50+ greener living and EV ownership theatre sessions, the event was the biggest of its type in the world. It builds on the success of the 2021 show, which attracted 16,000 people. The steep growth in attendance indicates how rapidly consumer opinion is shifting to demand cleaner ways to heat and power our homes and more sustainable ways to get around.

Latest automotive industry figures show that fully electric car sales are up 88.3% for the year so far compared with 2021. Meanwhile, in the clean energy sector, the focus on more cost effective and sustainable ways to generate and consume power has never been greater. This consumer momentum was noted across the Fully Charged visitor base with bumper attendance at live theatre discussions and exhibitors reporting off the scale levels of interest.

It seems everyone wants to learn more about what is for many a bewildering revolution that few outside the industry and a minority of early adopters understand. Education is key and there was no shortage of expertise on hand to answer curious showgoers’ questions ...

Photo: TV’s Robert Llewellyn (far right), Fully Charged joint CEO,  hosts one of the many discussion sessions on the Fully Charged stage.

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