The route to environmental sustainability

Jul 06 | 2022

Steve Jordan talks to an RMC that takes an alternative view of sustainability by helping suppliers calculate their emissions to secure more work and a healthier environment.

Dominic Offer Dominic Offer is Director of Sustainability for Bristol Global Mobility (Bristol), a relocation management company (RMC) that handles over 20,000 moves a year across 185 countries. It has offices in Phoenix, AZ, US; Toronto, CA; London, UK; and Singapore. While some RMCs and corporate clients are pushing the practicalities of reducing emissions and creating more sustainable working practices down through their supply chain, Dominic explained that Bristol is doing the opposite.  Rather than pushing down, it’s lifting up.

Every company involved in corporate moving will be familiar with the sustainability requirements of requests for proposals (RFPs).  These demands are there because the corporate accounts, and the RMCs that represent them, must manage their Scope 3 emissions as part of their environmental policies.  Scope 3 emissions are all those emissions that are created on your company’s behalf, but not by your company directly.

Invariably this means that suppliers, such as moving companies, are put under increasing pressure both to reduce emissions and to document what they are doing to give the client’s the data they need.  Dominic believes that this is asking too much of suppliers that are working hard every day to perform their core functions and do not have the resources to provide this information in a meaningful way.  He wants to change that ...

Photo: Dominic Offer.

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