Training the industry

Jul 06 | 2022

A look at the work of the FIDI Academy as it approaches 35 years as the industry’s leading training body.

Chantal Fera Chantal Fera is the FIDI Academy Manager.  For all FIDI Affiliates, the FIDI Academy has been the primary training organisation in the industry for more than 30 years.  Today, its students are supplied by approximately 65% of FIDI companies who, either in person or online, rely on it to provide the industry training and professional qualifications they need.

The FIDI Academy is available only to employees of FIDI companies.  Chantal thinks this is a pity and would much prefer the training to be available more widely but, she explained, most regional or national FIDI associations around the world disagree. “The majority of FIDI associations have always voted against opening up the FIDI courses to non FIDI Affiliates because they believe it’s a benefit that should be available only for FIDI companies.  I believe that attitude is beginning to change.”

But for now you need to be in FIDI or at a certain applicant stage to have your staff trained through the FIDI Academy.  Training is also a fundamental part of the FIDI/FAIM accreditation and, although most companies choose to use the Academy, there is no obligation to do so.  Training can be delivered by any organisation that runs appropriate courses.

The Academy runs a large range of courses both in person and online.  The mainstays of the syllabus are: the EiM (Essentials in International Moving) giving a strong foundation involving classroom tuition and field visits; The MiM2 (Master in Moving & Mobility) , like a tailor made mini MBA, aimed at industry managers and including, amongst many other topics, talent acquisition, presentation skills, project management, and finance; and the LiM (Leaders in International Moving) for senior managers and owners looking at leadership skills, trends and best practices, and problem solving ...

Photo: Chantal Fera.

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