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Celebrating 90 years of friendly moving

Jan 15, 2018
During the IAM convention in Long Beach, Tippet-Richardson invited friends and industry colleagues to a series of events to celebrate the company’s 90 years in business.

was established in 1927 and is likely the longest running family mover in Canada with ‘family’ still running the business. Over 90 years the complexion of the firm has complemented the ever changing needs of commerce, household moving and storage, and international relocations. As with most companies the inner workings of Tippets and the operating names may occasionally appear complex but the Naylor family, being part of the start up of Basil Tippet’s innovative services, remain at the helm.  

One of the catch titles of Tippet-Richardson is “the friendly movers”. Another is “trusted worldwide since 1927”.  

At Long Beach, California during the IAM convention, TR wanted to celebrate its 90 years with as many of their associate international movers as possible, intimately and sincerely. Private dinners and two cocktail receptions were planned to include past supporters and newer agents attending IAM. Invitations were sent early in the hope of reaching as many IAM registrants who could afford some time to receive appreciation from Tippets.  

With an RSVP attached to the e-invites, the logistics of two receptions and dinner parties became somewhat easier. The gatherings were well attended with many hugs, handshakes and chatter, sharing memories of business relationships and resulting friendships. There were opportunities for international colleagues to meet TR executives, some who recently joined the firm bringing professional aptitude for implementation on worldwide relocations, mobility and eco-friendly production management. 

A vintage gallery of Tippet-Richardson’s past enhanced the meeting rooms, remembrance gifts were distributed and the firm was very pleased with congratulatory words from its many contemporaries who attended. In a letter to The Mover, Ron Waddling, Director International Agent Relations for Tippet-Richardson, commented: “The thought occurs, perhaps, the Tippet-Richardson International tag line applies overall to the company’s associates … ‘friendly movers’ and ‘trusted worldwide’ may just be the thread connecting the group.” 


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